Sprinkler System Design

Complete Fire Protection specializes in fire sprinkler design, fire system designs and fire suppression systems throughout Connecticut.

We work on residential, commercial and industrial applications, providing our customers with the newest technologies and design methodologies.

We are known throughout the industry for our superior design and build fire suppression system capability and provide all of our customers with professional quality fire sprinkler design services.

Fire sprinklers are a proven commodity in preventing the loss of life and property when properly designed, installed and maintained.

Our sprinkler system layout and design services are customized to meet the individual needs of our customers. If not designed properly, the sprinkler systems will be less reliable and not perform their intended function.

Our team of licensed contractors will design a system that is tailored to meet the needs of your property, while adhering to NFPA Standards 13, 13R and 13D, as well as state and local fire code regulations.

As a licensed fire protection contractor in the state of Connecticut, you can count on Complete Fire Protection to design you a life-saving and cost-effective sprinkler system.

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