Sprinkler Testing & Inspections

Complete Fire Protection is a leader in residential, commercial and industrial fire suppression systems’ testing and inspections throughout Connecticut.

With decades of experience in the industry, our licensed professionals provide inspections to ensure your sprinklers system is prepared to operate as designed.

Our routine fire protection maintenance is essential for any home or business, so that you can feel confident that your system is functioning at peak efficiency.

Fire suppression systems contain lots of electrical and mechanical components, which if not maintained can fail, which is why regular inspections and testing are so important.

We complete a full analysis of your fire suppression system to ensure the safety of your people and property are protected, along with maintaining compliance with state and insurance regulatory statues.

Inspections and testing of your fire suppression system is essential.  In addition to regular maintenance, a fire sprinkler system should be inspected any time there is a change or modification to either the system or the building itself.

Complete Fire Protection also performs annual fire hydrant flow testing throughout the State of Connecticut.

Contact us for fire suppression inspection and testing at 860-302-7659.